PCA uses RVP software for side by side comparison analysis of pitching mechanics comparing our club players  to MLB players frame by frame.  The software allows us to circle or draw lines on exact points of reference on a players body so we can analyze and correct these points of reference resulting in a professional throwing technique.

Private lesson / group lessons

With the difficulty of finding fields to practice on, Player’s Choice Academy offers a great remedy for players and parents that choose to play with us. Player’s Choice offers two beautiful and well maintained fields for our players to practice on.   Your practices are at the same location every week!

Cage and field FACILITIEs

field #2 - artificial turf iNFIELD


Artificial Turf / No Lights

Field number two provides our teams the ability to practice with infield grass/turf to replicate playing conditions for our high school, college, and advanced travel teams.

Batting cages


4 lighted batting cages. 2 cages are  80’ distances. This will benefit you by being able to see the ball travel further to get a better read on how well the ball has been hit. It also gives us the flexibility to have a tee section for a player to hit in while the other player is hitting live or soft toss. These cages are used with ATEC pitching machines to give batters a wide variety of pitches training.  The two remaining cages are at 40’ distances, perfect for the tee, soft toss, and live batting practice. For example,  the average distance between the hitter and coach live session was 35 feet. Clean-up goes a lot faster as the balls will accumulate near you. More pitches= more swings. All 80’ cages have artificial turf and have pitching mounds in them for “LIVE” pitchers sessions in the cage. Player’s Choice gives us more options than other existing batting cage facilities!

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Field #1 - Lighted

Field #1 is a grass infield/outfield with 90’ pegged bases and all other throw-down bases.

This field is also lit so our teams can work into the night. The PCA facility also Includes a coach's helper: a flyball/ ground ball/pitching machine. Our coaches use this machine to give fielders reps by launching them hundreds of baseballs. it is perfect for creating situations and having the machine deliver the ball right where you want it. We also convert it to a pitching machine to give our players on-field hitting experience. . Either way, it’s the best work we can give our team!