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Dear Steve, I get why you're successful in you business! You lit a fire under Ty that I pray never goes out! Thank you!!

Sincerely, Caren W

Hey coaches,  thanks for a very informative meeting!  As you both know I know NOTHING about your business or the game of baseball! But I do know when I see men give their heart and soul to kids to teach them to love the game as they do! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Caren W 

Hey Steve,   I  just wanted to drop a word that I'm very happy with the progress and development Kevin has made over past couple months in PCA.  His confidence on the field has increased dramatically and it's very exciting to see him improve.    He pitched 4 scoreless on Saturday and made every play in field at SS.   I felt he was a strong fielder coming into PCA, but it's clear he had a lot to learn and you have already taken him to another level.   Hitting has always been his biggest struggle, but I'm seeing improvement there too.      Keep up the great work!!!  

Thx Dean J